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Spring Yard Clean Up & Lawn Dethatching

Spruce up your lawn this spring and get it looking great with help from Keast Lawn & Snow, a top-rated lawn clean up company based in Potterville. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout Lansing and many surrounding areas including Grand Ledge, Charlotte, Holt, Okemos, Dewitt and more.

Spring Lawn Clean Up Lansing, MI & Surrounding Areas

A yard that isn’t routinely cleaned will become cluttered with debris such as leaves, sticks, and even garbage that the wind has blown in. A yard clean up is an essential part of lawn maintenance, and should be done at least twice a year. By choosing the experts at Keast Lawn & Snow, your Lansing property will be tidied up and start to boost curb appeal.

The benefits of a spring yard clean up are many. First, by removing all of the debris that has built up in your grass and landscape areas over the winter, you can ensure that your outdoor space will be able to get the sunlight it needs to thrive. Second, a spring yard clean up can help you get your yard ready for summer activities, such as barbecues and parties. The third benefit being that with your lawn all cleaned up, you can help you identify any problems with your grass such as bare spots or disease that may need to be addressed.

If you’re looking for a quality spring yard clean up in Lansing, Grand Ledge, Charlotte, Dewitt or surrounding community, look no further than Keast Lawn & Snow. Fill out our quote request form today.

Lawn Dethatching Lansing, Grand Ledge, Okemos & Beyond

When a layer of thatch (dead grass and other debris) builds up, especially after a long winter with a deep snow-pack, this can impede turf growth each spring. This layer of thatch can also restrict the flow of oxygen, fertilizer and nutrients. So it’s critical to have this layer removed through the process of dethatching, also referred to as power raking, in order to open up your grass so it can grow to its full potential.

Our method for lawn dethatching includes using commercial-grade mowers equipped with a tine rake on the front of the machine. With our machinery, our crew drives throughout all accessible areas of your yard with the tines engaged, this scrapes up the soil surface and pulls all dead debris to the top of the grass. Our crew then turns on the blades and attached bagging system to vacuum up all grass and debris. Your turf may look unsightly for a few days afterwards, but with sunlight, water and warm weather your grass will look amazing in no time!

Schedule lawn dethatching for your property by giving us a call at (517) 418-7772 or fill out our online form to request a quote.

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